The lab isn’t just for show

We create unique and fresh solutions with an inclusive approach and transparent communication.

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We believe in transforming not only processes but also the way people approach their work.

Moral Compass

We prioritize ethics and taking a stand against discrimination of any kind in our community. We want the company, the team, and all of our clients to be on the same page about that.


We hold ourselves to high standards, striving for top notch performance and usability in every feature until we find a solution that suits the project's needs.


An intentional small team focused on crafting impactful upgrades to day-to-day processes, product designs, and team dynamics that resonate throughout the project entirely.


Clear communication and active listening is key in every project we work on. We ensure everyone stays informed and on the same page throughout the project.

global expertise

We have established successful partnerships with US-based companies for the past 8 years, helping them scale their businesses and achieve their digital goals.

Product Design

Design is the foundation of our product development, guiding creation with knowledge and research to determine relevant features that meet user needs.

custom solution

Our experimentation is centered in creating unique solutions, always searching for the best one in each project. We thrive in finding new ways to amaze our clients.

Spreading the word

We believe that events bring the community closer together and open the door to new members. That’s why we have attended every Python Brasil since 2012 and founded the northeastern chapter of the conference, the Python Nordeste.

Giving talks is something we love. ❤️ Check some events where we did speak.


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We are looking forward to the next!

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Open source

We want strong and robust software for everyone and, for us, the best path for that is supporting Open Source communities.

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