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Foto de Adelly Lima

Adelly Lima

Full stack developer, Adelly is pretty chill. She enjoys being close to to her friends and to catch up with them. She also loves plants, animals, and believes that nature should be respected at most.

Foto de Breno Chamie

Breno Chamie

Designer, Breno has tested most of the mobile, desktop, and video game OSs from the last 2 decades, having strong opinions on UI and inclusive design. He is fascinated about human (and cat) behavior and cognition and UIs and tech.

Foto de Daniela Falcone

Daniela Falcone

One of the designers, she rather be on the move and in contact with nature. Beach, trails, cats and all kinds of plants, this is her environment, her fauna and flora, where she manages to improve everyone and everything around her.

Foto de Débora Correia

Débora Correia

Partner and design leader, Debs has a background in computer science, helping her to build bridges between software and design. With strong opinions on social matters, she is always studying and trying to get to know other realities.

Foto de Fernando Lins

Fernando Lins

One of the founding partners, Fernando is on the team since the beginning (of times). He is your go-to guy to talk about movies. He takes healthy software development very seriously, meaning that he will never, ever, bite more that he can chew.

Foto de José Carlos Menezes

José Menezes

One of the founding partners, Zé's been a programmer, working with Django, for a long time now. But that’s not his main job anymore. Since his daughter came along, he’s enjoying every single second he has to be a full-time parent.

Foto de Luan Fonseca

Luan Fonseca

Full stack developer, Luan is one of those people that needs to be constantly evolving, something he learned through all of his years working with Django. Since he is not from Recife, he’s adamant about living the city to its fullest.

Foto de Luciano Ratamero

Luciano Ratamero

Former journalist and full-stack programmer, Luciano loves technology, videogames and music. And Python. And JS. He wants the open source culture to be mainstream and dreams about code and kitten gifs.

Foto de Luiz Braga

Luiz Braga

Full stack developer and a very easy going guy, Luiz likes, on his spare time, to cook new dishes and learn new recipes, as well as playing all sorts of videogames (but is addicted to World or Warcraft).

Foto de Amanda Brandão

Amanda Brandão

Financial and Company Manager. She tried to be a computer engineer, but found herself and fell in love with numbers, people and good communication. She is passionate about traveling (and good beers).

Wanna join the team?

Foto de Nicolle Cysneiros

Nicolle Cysneiros

Full stack developer, but actually, she is way more than that: Nicolle is Labcodes' first employee and also a very warm person, making the office much better place. She loves to do DIY projects on her free time.

Foto de Lucas Cavalcante

Lucas Cavalcante

Former scientist and full stack developer, Lucas loves puzzles and e-sports. He is an optmistic person, and seems to be always excited to solve problems, after a few coffee, of course.

Foto de Olga Pinheiro

Olga Pinheiro

Olga is one of Labcodes’s full stack developers. She may look young, but with a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering, a master’s in mechanical engineering and a PhD on the on the way before 30, Olga shows everyone what she’s capable of.

Foto de Renato Oliveira

Renato Oliveira

One of the founding partners, but more than that. When people think “Labcodes”, they think “Renato”. The best word to describe him is probably excitement. And the reason is: everything he does, he takes them to whole new levels.

Foto de Rhanna Andrade

Rhanna Andrade

Designer, Rhanna believes that a well done visual can make a whole experience better. Passionate about all things visual, she has a big crush in interior design and in making the environment she lives a way to express herself.

Foto de Nivaldo Gomes

Nivaldo Gomes

Gomes is Labcodes' Business Developer. This means that he is responsible for the business side of the software. Also, he loves to read books, mostly old ones who few people heard about it. Lastly, he's a Sharknado fan.

Where you might find us

events we've


talks we’ve given

  • PyGotham

    / 2019

  • DjangoCon US

    / 2019

  • Python NE

    / 2014, 2016-19

  • Python Brasil

    / 2013, 2015-17

  • Pycon

    / 2018

  • DjangoCON EU

    / 2018

  • Python Sudeste

    / 2016

  • Python Sul

    / 2016

  • Caipyra

    / 2017

  • EuroPython

    / 2017

  • + Meetups of our local communities

communities we’re member

  • IxDA-PE

    Interaction Design Association Pernambuco

  • PUG-PE

    Python Users Group Pernambuco

  • PyLadies Recife

  • Manguezal

  • Python Brasil Association

  • AfroPython

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The lab

Our office is located in the middle of Recife, that stands at the core of Brazil’s northeastern coast. Indeed, it’s a pretty central location.

The reason for this is that we want to be easily reached by everyone in our community. With a space for events, we want to be open to every sort of gatherings, both professional and social, with members of all communities.