Small team, yet mighty impact and results

We are committed to fostering a healthy and enjoyable workplace for all, without exception.

Diverse Team

Diverse team and shared excellence

We take pride in our talented and diverse team. Our shared goal is to make a meaningful impact on the entire team, recognizing the significance of each individual contribution. Our unwavering focus is on honing our craft and skills, and we're passionate about sharing our knowledge.

Our core values

In a world with escalating inequality and decreasing opportunities, we make an extra effort to let our ethics guide our actions.

Actively fighting against discrimination

Any discrimination, be it based on race, color, gender and sexual identity or choice, religion, nationality, disability or any other aspects, should and must be confronted.

equal opportunities to thrive professionally

We're committed to creating an inclusive work environment where everyone can thrive professionally by giving equal opportunities to our employees and new members.

An equal future is a great future

We work hard as a team to build a more equitable future for tech local and globally, and there's always more to do.


health Health, dental, and life insurance

mental health Mental health aid

baby Nursery aid

carrot Grocery and meal Flash card

remote Remote work model

teacher English classes

glasses Lens aid

money fly Budget for conferences, events, books, and courses

Open positions

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