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We think of software as a whole product made through a seamless integration between design and technology, not just feature by feature.

Whenever we start a project, the first step is always to conduct an analysis of your current state and needs to better understand you, your product, and your users.

Are your clients or users experiencing any problems?
Is your product delivering the best experience and visuals?
Is your system up to date on tech, methods and standards?

software studio_

This is our bread and butter. We’ll work together with you and your team to make sure we design and code a product that matches what your users need. Based on our experiences, we encourage procedures that proved positive to us, while reassessing the ones that were not so fruitful.

Our process is composed of experimenting, testing, validating, and changing what needs to be changed.

a good fit for if you:

  • Have a brand new idea and need a team to take it to the next level
  • Need to expedite procedures on their company
  • Need to train new employees faster by having a new and easier to use product
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team augmentation_

Team up with us to unclog your backlog and grow both your product and company. Our specialized team enhances your workforce to make faster deliveries. Besides that, our team will assist you in improving your own team and grow your products capabilities.

a good fit for if you:

  • Need specialized consultants to grow their product
  • Need to identify possible blindspots on your process
  • Have a busy and small team unable to make faster and bigger deliveries
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lab consulting_

Completely revamp the way you think, code and design digital products. Learn, train and grow both team and company to greater standards. Consulting is all about what we can do to help your team deliver better, faster and in a more sustainable fashion.

From reviewing and planning your software architecture, to cultural changes like changing to a user-centered approach and building a healthy agile environment with your team.


  • Need to establish a healthy and agile development culture in your company.
  • Need reviewing and planning of architecture on your Django application.
  • Need to implement automated testing and deploys.
  • Spend too much on customer support.
  • Think the competition is way ahead.
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what clients say_

"Working with Labcodes was a pleasure and a very productive experience. They really embrace the spirit of One Team, they know their tech stack and they are very serious about quality."

Rodrigo Senra

Technology Director

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