Design and
technology fit to suit
your needs

We work flexibly and together with your team to make sure we're building exactly what your users need.


We think of software as a whole product made through a seamless integration between design and technology, not just feature by feature. We also make sure this web product will be responsive to future changes.

Whenever we start a project, the first step is always to conduct an analysis of your needs. Our ultimate goal in this process is to better understand you, your company or product, and your users.

From there, we will suggest either Software Studio, Team Augmentation or Consulting.

software studio_

This is our bread and butter. We’ll work together with you and your team to make sure we design and code a product that matches what your users need. Based on our experiences, we encourage procedures that proved positive to us, while reassessing the ones that were not so fruitful.

Our process is composed of testing, experimenting, validating and changing what needs to be changed.

  • You have a brand new idea and need a team to work with you perfecting it
  • You need to expedite procedures on your company
  • Train new employees faster by having a new and easier to use product

team augmentation_

On a day to day basis, planning may fall behind and a small team may not be able to comply with new demands.

With Team Augmentation, we are able to enhance your work force with our highly capable team to deliver faster. Besides that, our team will assist you improving your own team and grow your products capabilities.

  • Your team needs specialized consultants to grow your product.
  • You need to identify possible blindspots on your process.
  • Your team is too small to make faster and bigger deliveries.


Consulting is all about what our team can do to help your team deliver better, faster and in a more organized fashion.

And, believe us, we can do a lot to help you and your company. From the basics, like reviewing and planning your software architecture, to deep changes like helping create a healthy development culture with your team.

  • You need to establish a healthy and agile development culture in your company.
  • You need reviewing and planning of architecture on your Django application.
  • You need to implement automated testing and deploys.
  • You are spending too much on customer support.
  • You think your competition is way ahead you.

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