MVP or MLP? Which one is better for your product?

Rhanna Andrade a 27 Apr 2021 a 5 min read

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Sustainable notifications with react-redux-api-tools

This is a story on how I used react-redux-api-tools to build a reactive notification scheme that can grow up without becoming vulnerable to change.

Lucas Cavalvante a 23 Nov 2020

10 min read

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Technical Debt: Why it'll ruin your software

We think that Tech Debt is just bad code done by reckless people, here's a bigger picture view of what that really means in a Sustainable Software era.

Luan Fonseca a 09 Oct 2020

13 min read

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Labcodes Software Studio is a Top B2B Company in Brazil

Labcodes Software Studio was named a top B2B company in Brazil in the development category by Clutch.

Nivaldo Gomes a 07 Oct 2020

2 min read

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Lessons learned from our Design System

Our Design System construction process was full of learning. We gathered some of them and shared on this blogpost, wishing that you can learn as much as we did.

Rhanna Andrade a 30 Sep 2020

7 min read

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Organising process for Figma files and teams

A process to keep files, projects and teams organized on Figma.

Daniela Falcone a 29 Sep 2020

2 min read