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Who is afraid of Django admin?

An opinion on how django admin relates to your application and how the problems commonly attributed to admin can be caused by the code created.

Bernardo Fontes a 11 Apr 2019

4 min read

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Functional Components with Recompose

This article will show a different way to create React components. We’ll discuss responsibilities, HOCs, functional components and Recompose.

Thulio Philipe a 19 Mar 2019

4 min read

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Branding for Dummies

Learn how Designers can develop a brand to become remarkable through Experience Design practices to build consistent content with personality.

Daniela Falcone a 22 Jan 2019

4 min read

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Why you should think about making a PWA

Progressives Web Applications, or PWAs, turn your website into a powerful source of engagement.

Nivaldo Gomes a 09 Jan 2019

4 min read

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Should I hire an employee or a contractor?

When companies start to grow and the team can’t handle the demand, it’s time to expand the team by hiring or outsourcing. Which one is the best option?

Nivaldo Gomes a 27 Aug 2018

5 min read

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Labcodes around the world

May was an amazing month for Labcodes. We took part in two international events, one in the USA and other in Germany, as speakers.

Nivaldo Gomes a 30 Jun 2018

4 min read

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