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Why Internationalization and Localization matters

This post will discuss the definition of internationalization and localization, why they matter for your application and how to implemented in Python and Django projects.

Nicolle Cysneiros a 12 Aug 2020

8 min read

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Labcodes in The Social Isolation Era

Social distancing changed the way we live and interact with each other. New practices emerged. No one was prepared for this, and Labcodes wasn’t either.

Nivaldo Gomes a 30 Jul 2020

4 min read

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Increasing Team Collaboration Using Design Principles

Learn how to define Design Principles with insighs from our mistakes, and understand the impacts for the User Experience and Development Teams

Daniela Falcone a 22 Jul 2020

10 min read

Post cover illustration Development

Beyond API Monitoring

Luiz Braga a 19 May 2020

6 min read

Post cover illustration Design

Universal Design principles on digital product experience design

Universal design reminds us that age and physical and cognitive abilities impact experiences. Here's how to create more inclusive products.

Breno Chamie a 03 Apr 2020

7 min read

Post cover illustration Design

Card sorting for a purpose-driven navigation

Learn how to structure, apply, and, more importantly, analyse a Card Sorting with insights from our Experience Designers.

Daniela Falcone a 04 Mar 2020

8 min read

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