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Sustainable notifications with react-redux-api-tools

This is a story on how I used react-redux-api-tools to build a reactive notification scheme that can grow up without becoming vulnerable to change.

Lucas Cavalvante a 23 Nov 2020

10 min read

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Technical Debt: Why it'll ruin your software

We think that Tech Debt is just bad code done by reckless people, here's a bigger picture view of what that really means in a Sustainable Software era.

Luan Fonseca a 09 Oct 2020

13 min read

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Why Internationalization and Localization matters

This post will discuss the definition of internationalization and localization, why they matter for your application, and how to implemented them in Python and Django projects.

Nicolle Cysneiros a 12 Aug 2020

8 min read

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Beyond API Monitoring

Monitoring third-party service is essential to keep a good level of stability and resilience in the application. This article discusses some concepts to monitor APIs with almost every tool available.

Luiz Braga a 19 May 2020

6 min read

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Keeping global state management sane

Dealing with global states in a React app is always hard. In this post, we figure out a better approach and present our new library, rel-events

Luciano Ratamero a 01 Oct 2019

5 min read